Valorant: 9Z team falls by leaving Kru as LATAMs last bastion in LCQ

The fifth day of competition to search for the ticket for Champions continues at Last Chance Qualifier with two lower bracket games to send their homelands back to the teams that fall in the day, with only one Latin team live in This side looks complicated for them while Brazilians will have to eliminate each other to have that golden opportunity.

From Purple A Gray

Starting with 9z against The Black Knights we see a first map of Bind where the knights put things in their favor during the beginning with Ryottz that gave a lot 7-5, to the change of sides the pressure that would put Lukzera would be the one that will create opportunities for the Brazilian team by having sufficient impact to erase the opposites and take the first map.

Passing to Haven The situation would be more even due to the reactions that the purple team gave to have a better performance in the confrontation thanks to Mizu that managed to put the bullets in the right places leaving a 6-6 On the scoreboard, for the second 9Z look, it would have rounds in their favor that gave them an advantage but Konan would be the executioner of the game with its bridge that managed to disposition the rivals to take the advantage and win the match in a Overtime.

Goodbye to a Brazilian team

In the second series we see Ninjas in Pyjama before Vivo Keyd on a map of Breeze that took the ninjas ahead with the characteristic Sova of Cauanzin that caused havoc from the beginning of the game giving information to leave A 5-7, for the change of sides the VK team would put several rounds in its favor to tie the map, however, the Pode of NIP would be superior to take the match.

For the second map we see Ascent We see a very even situation because both squads did not want to give an advantage leaving the map with a 6-6 in the first part, for the second half VK would remain in the rada to send To Overtime the game thanks to the precise shots of Heat that used Chamber exceptionally and to close the duel to tie the series.

The last map would be Icebox where the VK team would have a dream game thanks to the Mwzera Raire that in the defense would be unbeatable punishing the opponents several times to have a 11-1 in the first part, changing roles the thing did not change because the power of VK closed the quick encounter to take the victory in the series that gave them the pass to the next phase.

The fifth day of the LCQ closes where we say goodbye to a Latin and Brazil TBK and in the final Kru Fight against Fury * to determine who takes the first pass to the international after a very intense tournament.

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