Activision apologizes for plagiarizing a design

A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that one of the new skins of Call of Duty: Warzone had been accused of plagiarism by an artist known as Sail Lin. Although at the time the company only reacted by erasing Samoyed’s suit, a statement was recently issued where Activision accepts his mistake, and have apologized to Sail Lin.

Recently, it was announced that an Activision representative approached Sail Lin to offer him an apology for this great error. Together with this, affirmed that the company will always respect the creativity of the artists and their creations . This was what was said about it:

We have the greatest respect for creativity and content creation. We love Loyal Samoyed, but unfortunately we are wrong in our process and eliminate this image of the game. We apologize for the false step.


For his part, Sail Lin issued a message on Twitter, where he confirmed that an Activision representative has contacted the artist. Similarly, thanked the community that provided support in recent days , and helped his voice will reach the company’s ears and Warzone developers. In related issues, we already know when the beta of call of duty will be carried out: Modern Warfare II.

Editor’s note:

It is incredible that these types of cases are carried out within Activision. It is one thing to have a similar idea, but another is having a practically identical design. Although it is unknown what will happen to the artist responsible for creating this controversy, it is likely that his future work is not so positive.

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