Lost Ark: The best berserk

In Lost Ark, the berserk is a specialization of the warrior that swings a huge two-handed sword. In this guide you can find out:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the berserk
  • Which is the best berserk building
  • Which runes and card sets you should take

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strengths and weaknesses of the berserk

With his huge two-handed, the berserk primarily wants to hand out damage. Thanks to his mighty attacks and a easy to learn rotation he also forces the biggest bosses to his knees. He achieves this with the help of the anger that increases during the fight. If this is high enough, the strength and speed of the berserker increase. No wonder that it is one of the best DPS classes in Lost Ark.

His weaknesses include strong dependency one of his attributes. Only if these are correctly set does it develop its full potential. In addition, his animations are very slow, which leads to a longer effect time of the skills. At this moment he often has to take a lot of damage.

the identity of the berserk

The unique resource of the berserk is his anger. The more you create of it, the further the corresponding bar fills. If it is filled, you change to the berserker mode. This leads to more damage and brings you the additional ability blood rush. Here the berserker performs several fast blows that cause massive damage and then pushes opponents away with a powerful blow.

berserker-Build: How to level you right

For our berserk build, we chose the awakening chain of revenge. This fills the anger level very effectively and makes the rotation easier. Only when your character has enough specialty to fill the identity strip, can you switch to the second awakening berserkorn anger. This ability is carried out faster and causes more damage.

You should use the following skills for the effective level of the berserker :

  • From level 10: vertebral storm with the upgrades conservation strengthening, broken blade and vacuum stroke
  • From level 14: Beat of the storms with the upgrades Nimble movement, weak point detection and driving blow
  • From level 10: shoulder-anthurm with the upgrade great mobility

The first two skills share a lot of damage and fill your identity quiet. The third ability is a movement kill that helps you get into opponents faster.

From level 50, the fun really starts. You have now collected 252 skill points. At level 55 you have 340 skill points and from level 60 then 404 skill points. Since you mainly bet on damage with this build, damage caused by damage have priority for expansion to level 11 and level 12.

In addition, these upgrades and runes are needed:

Ability Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Rune
Revenge chain
Shoulder storm Excellent mobility

Final blanket | Reinforced blow | Weak point detection | Kill confirm | Orcan
Beat of the storms | Focus | Weak point detection | Driving blow | wealth
Hell blade | Jump | Melt | Earthsalto | Orcan
Chain sword | Nerve cut | Rapid attack preparation | Fast preparation | Bleeding
Wind blade | Fast preparation | Focus |
| wealth
Red dust | Fast preparation | Nerve cut | Red wave | focus
Heavy storm | Fast preparation | Weak point detection | Tectonic wave | Overwhelm

rotation for massive damage

When rotating the berserker, the buffs and debuffs are first activated. Only then follow strong attacks. Starts the struggle with red dust and thus increases your probability for a critical goal. This continues with chain sword.

Now the rotation is continued with the best attack skills. Starts with the awakening Chain of revenge or berserkorn if you have already changed. After that, final cuts and hell blade are continued.

If you have filled the identity bar , switch to berserk mode and unlock other skills. In this form, the rotation then looks like this:

  • Red dust
  • Chain sword
  • Chain of revenge or berserkorn
  • Blood rush
  • Final cut
  • Hell blade

You only use the other skills if necessary, since you only cause moderate damage. So you can use shoulder-anthurm and wind blade for a change of position and chain sword as a counterattack for some bosses.

the right card set for the berserk

A total of three effective card sets ** are available to the berserker in Lost Ark. They either increase your damage, the Krit probability or your defense.

The best set is howling rocks :

  • 2-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +8 percent
  • 4-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +8 percent
  • 6-set: dark damage vacuum cleaner +9 percent
  • 6-Set (12-part revival): Krit probability +7 percent
  • 6-Set (30-part revival): Individual and group holy damage at the target +3.5 percent

If you do not have howling rocks, you can use a combination of forest of the giant and We’ll see you again . This compensates for the negative bonus of the engraving cursed doll.

Forest of the giants:

* 3-Set: +15 percent effectiveness of regeneration objects
* 3-Set (9-part revival): Phys. Defense +10 percent, Mag. Defense +10 percent
* 3-set (15-part revival): Phys. Defense +20 percent, Mag. Defense +20 percent

We’ll meet Again:

  • 3-Set:-12 percent damage from opponents with 50 percent or less life points
  • 3-Set (9-part revival):-16 percent damage from opponents with 50 percent or fewer life points
  • 3-Set (15-part revival): If you are attacked at less than 20 percent of your life points, you restore rapid life points for 5 seconds (removal time: 10 minutes).

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