Avengers: Secret Wars wouldnt be the story that fans want

More than a week ago it was confirmed that Avengers : Secret Wars is a reality, this as part of the sixth phase of the cinematographic universe of the company Marvel . And while the dream has been fulfilled, some would not be happy with the result, because apparently the adaptation of the story is not the one waiting for the most fans.

While the followers associated the name with the massive event of Marvel of 2015 that the same name was put, the comic editor had already used it in a couple of series in the mid- 1980 . So the film of the coming years could tell us that story, and not the multiverse chaos that everyone is looking forward to seeing on the screen.

In the original series, a cosmic character called The Beyander attracts all heroes and villains to a newly created world called Battleworld , forcing them to fight each other. It has not yet been confirmed that this will be the story to tell, but it is very possible that it happens. So we will have to wait for more updates by the film study.

Avengers: Secret Wars arrives at theaters on November 7, 2025 .

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