Here the new Halloween Ends trailer!

The Halloween series currently has 14 films that travel a 44-year-old trajectory. However, the end approaches. In this way, a new trailer of _halloween ends was released, a tape that plans to put an end to the history of Michael Myers.

The trailer shared by Universal Pictures presents us with the one that seems to be the last confrontation between Myers and Laurie Strode, still played by Jamie Lee Curtis. It is so that this advance is focused on the confrontation between these two characters.

Halloween Ends continues with the line of films that began in 2018, which ignore all sequels of the original tape. According to David Gordon Green, this is a letter of love to the work of John Carpenter, the creator of the series. For his part, Jamie Lee Curtis has pointed out that this will be Halloween’s last movie, at least for the moment.

Halloween Ends_ will arrive at film rooms on October 14, 2022 . In related issues, you can learn more about Halloween here.

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