Summer update Fortnite 2022 – all new leaked cosmetics, outfits, decorations on the back and much more!

In the last update of the Fortnite Patch 21.30, Epic Games confirmed that the summer celebration would take place quite soon. In addition to confirmation, the developers did not reveal the details about the event. But thanks to the famous Fortnite leaders, such as Shiina and Haipex, we have some idea of future cosmetics, such as Charlotte fighter and other accessories that can be presented at the summer holiday.

All pricked cosmetics in Fortnite Summer Celebration Event

All leaked outfits at the summer holiday Fortnite



Belle Berry

Cor under the cover

anakluzmos once

Fighter Charlotte


Most skins in the list above will have one or more color options.

All leaked jewelry at the summer holiday Fortnite

Bear Milash

Bron Senberry

Sapphire Serpent


Bag of a sea man

Oro Boris

Snow Crown

Castle of Ultrabrite Elimov

Water Wings

All leaked emotions at the summer holiday Fortnite

The dripping taste


sweat rotation

Remember that all of the above cosmetic objects and game items are based on leaks and rumors. We still need to wait for a detailed statement about the event from Epic Games.

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