Forza Horizon 5 boWheels licensets of impossible pirouettes with the first image of the Hot Wheels map

Forza Horizon 5 Prepare the landing of its first great expansion: Hot Wheels. The most famous orange clues of the toy will return to the franchise from July 19, whether you buy it separately and if you did with it through the Ultimate edition. Playground Games hWheels license shared the first image of the final map. You can see it under this paragraph.

The madness of Hot Wheels arrives at Forza Horizon 5

The pirouettes of this wild world will take us for more than 80 new circuits that will present the stunts of the Hot Wheels license . Eventlab lovers will have the tools in their hand to be able to create their own pirouettes. Wheels license we can see in the image, the map will be divided into three thematic areWheels license: snow, desert and jungle.

The three are connected by a track that goes to the heart of the map, sustained in the air by a complex network of orange tracks. You will have to keep the speed high to keep you attached to the Wheels licensephalt. Wheels license part of the contents, 10 unpublished cars from the Hot Wheels ** collection are introduced, such Wheels license the Hennessey Venom F5 of 2021 or Deora II of 2000. The impossible figures of these cars will be part of your repertoire.

The Cazalogros will find 28 achievements related to their contents for a value of 500g. The same day the update of the 10 series will be enabled, which among other improvements without revealing will find another batch of achievements with which to get up to 130g. Among them are some chapters already available in recent months, such Wheels license getting all the stars of all the chapters of the Disrape Club and completing a public career with the Ford Bronco 2021.

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels will go on sale On July 19 in Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Remember that in June the bWheels licensee version received a patch with complete dubbing to Spanish.

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