Nexons Project Magnum, Scheduled for Steam CBT in September

Nexon’s Project Magnum will change its name to First Desendent and start Steam CBT.

On the 15th, Nexon guided the pre-registration and test schedule with the new teaser of First Desendent. Pre-registration starts from July 8, 2022, and the test will be conducted from September 28 to October 5. Pre-registration can be clicked on the Steam Store page within the period.

In addition, Nexon said it plans to release a new teaser video in early August.

First Desendent was released in August 2021 under the name of Project Magnum at the ‘Nexon New Projects: Media Showcase’. Net Games (now Nexon Games), known as Hit and V4, was in charge of the development and advocated the ‘Root Shooter’ genre that combines RPG elements with shooting.


Park Yong-hyun, CEO of Net Games, said, We will be able to feel the fun of cooperative play as well as the fast and exciting battle through . I said. First Desendent, which is the core value of sustainable online RPGs through PVE and stable network services, is developing with the goal of launching a global and global simultaneous launch.

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