All Velociprey materials and cut percentages in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak adds Velociprey to the list of small monsters. They only appear on the Jungle map and have their own quest attached for an easy way to farm with other players. They have three different materials that players can purchase and use to craft weapons and armor. These are all Velociprey materials and cut percentages in MHR Sunbreak.


All Velociprey materials and cut percentages in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Velocypreus can be found in Jungle and are the targets of the quest, Sinking Feeling, along with Hermitaur. Their materials can be obtained by carving a monster, as a quest reward, or from the Meusenariums. Velociprey can become the target of an epidemic during an expedition to the jungle, which makes it much easier to grow them. Materials and percentages of Velociprey:

  • Shard of Velocypeus-48%
  • Velocypreus Thickskin-32%
  • Strong Claw-20%

What are Velociprey materials used for in Monster Hunter Rise Outbreak?

Anything that uses Velociprey Shard

  • Hunter Armor Set X
    • Hunter Coil X-x2
  • Ingot X Armor Set
    • Bracer Ingots X-x2
  • Velocypreus Armor Set
    • Velocyprian Helmet-x2
    • Bicycle Chain Mail-x1
    • Velociprey Tassets-x2
  • Pukei-Pukei X Armor Set
    • Pukei-Pukei X Suspenders-x2
  • Barbania Armor Set
    • Boots of Barbania-x2
  • Mosgarl Armor Set X
    • Ribbed Mosgarl Plate X-x2
    • Roots of Mosgarl X-x2
  • Five Piece Armor Set
    • Legs of the Five Elements-x2
  • decorations
    • Devourer’s Gem+ 4-x3

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Anything that uses Velociprey Thickhide

  • Hunter Armor Set X
    • Hunter’s Mail X-x2
  • Velocypreus Armor Set
    • Velocyprian Helmet-x1
    • Bicycle Chain Mail-x1
    • Velociprey Tassets-x1
    • Valocypean Greaves-x2
  • Gargwa Armor Set X
    • Gargwa Mask X-x3
  • Baggi X Armor Set
    • Buggy Greaves X-x2
  • Dober X Armor Set
    • Dober Coil X-x1

All uses of the Strong Claw

  • Great Sword
    • Kamura Warrior Cleaver-x5
    • Blade of Talos+-x5
  • Sword and shield
    • Kamura Warrior’s Sword-x5
  • Light bow
    • Kamura Warrior’s Crossbow-x5
    • Storm Combat Rifle+-x3
  • Heavy Bow
    • Ballista Warrior Kamura-x5
    • Purple October-x2
    • Sayyad Cannon-x2
  • Insect Glaive
    • Glaive of Kamura Warrior-x5
    • Hortadent Brada+-x3
  • Charging Blade
    • Kamura Warrior C. Blade-x5
  • Bone X Armor Set
    • Bone Helmet X-x1
    • Bone Bracers X-x1
  • Velocypreus Armor Set
    • Velociprey Tassets-x2
    • Velocyprian Greaves-x2
  • Izuchi X Armor Set
    • Suspenders Izuti X-x1
  • Ceanataur Armor Set
    • Ceanataur Mail-x2
  • Royal Ludroth X Armor Set
    • Ludroth’s Mail X-x1
    • Ludroth Coil X-x2
  • Drot X Armor Set
    • Droth’s Mail X-x2
    • Drot Coil X-x3
    • Dart Greaves X-x1
  • Renoplos X Armor Set
    • Renoplos X Mail-x1
  • Nargakuga X Armor Set
    • Nargakuga Mail X-x2
  • Stink of Death X Armor Set

* Muscles of Deadly Smell X-x2
* Grip of Foul Smell X-x2
  • Uroctor X Armor Set
    • Uroctor Torso X-x1

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