It can also be used for Triangle Strategy business! No Yango and upper class social resignation [English pickled in games#102]

The main character, Serenoa, is the head of Walhort, a famous family in Takegon. The people who meet as the ruler are the royal aristocrats, including Prince Loran. Because it is a conversation of so-called people without yang, there are many stiff expressions with many languages overall. There are many situations based on social courtesy, and there are also convenient phrases in the business scene. Learn a formal expression that can be used in actual English conversation.

Dialogue: in Society

** Frederica: I am Honored to Join You in Marriage. And to Call House Wolffort My New Home.
SERENOA: The Honor and Pleasure Is Mine, Lady Frederica.

Frederica: I am honored to be married to you, and to make the Walhort family as our home.
Serenoa: This is Frederica. Please forgive that your greeting has been delayed…

If you say I am honored to (you can do it), return The Honer is (all) mine (this is this). HONOR has a position in the position, so if you are equal to your opponent, you need to be dull at the same time. This is a slightly bigger expression, so it is a more and more polite word I am pleased to (I’m happy to do it), and this is a phrase I often hear everyday. On the other hand, if you can return The Pleasure is (All) mine, say My Pleasure.

Dragan: PRAY FORGIVE My Cousins, Lord Serenoa. And Forgive Me IFIS OUT OF LINE…

Dragan: Please forgive me for this rude, Serenoa. I’m sorry if I was rude…

Dragan apologizes on behalf of Taras and Erica who relentlessly connect Frederica. At the same time, he also mentions his speech. Here, we use PRAY in almost the same sense as PLEASE. It’s an old-fashioned word, so it comes out in historical drama.

Even if you are not intentional, you may have said something rude. These days, unaware discrimination has been highlighted, and anyone can unintentionally remove the opponent. Out of LINE is too much or it was not the intention, so you can repair it if it is a little awkward. However, if your opponent is likely to get angry, it is dangerous to pull out if.

SERENOA: Serenoa Wolffort. At Your Service, Minister.

Serenoa: My name is Serenoa Walhort. Please see, Minister.

When introducing yourself to a person in a high position or a work client who can’t refuse the offer, you may have a at your service. I translate it as I would like to serve it or Please tell me what it is, but there are times when it gets turned around, so I often omit it or another word. It is a phrase that can be said to be essential in the customer service business. Due to the up and down, it cannot be used in business in an equal footing.

Symon: as of this day, i abdicate my post of house wolffort.
** You Will Serve in My Stead from Tomorrow.

Simon: As far as today, I retire from the Walhort family head. Before tomorrow, you will be a substitute, my son.

There is no chance to use it, but it is a declaration of abdication by Serenoa’s father Simon. In addition to the abdication of the owner, AbdiCate (abandoning the rights and responsibilities) is related to the field of law and is often used in exchanges related to custody and inheritance rights.

SVAROG: a Word of Advice, Lad: You’d Do Well Not to Anger Her.
Serenoa: I shall take your words to heart.

Suvallogue: Youth, let’s give one advice. Don’t offend Frederika.
Serenoa: I chop it on my chest.

It is common for superiors to receive a thankful or troublesome advice in chat and dinner seats. If you hit it poorly or listen to it silently, it will be troublesome, so if you can, you want to deviate on the timing. Shall is old-fashioned, so if you do I WILL TAKE YOUR WORDS TO HEART. By Way…, you will have a flow of your story.

English word collection you want to remember

Indeed: Certainly, that is true

Archduke: Grand Duke

Brothers-In-Law: Brothers’ brother-in-law

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy

formality: format

Smuggler: smugglers


Comody: Daily necessities (mass production), primary products

Illicit: illegal, illegal

Ledger: Book

It is important to learn the phrases, but the important thing in conversation is to talk with the other person’s eyes. The opponent does not overlook the swimming of the eyes or the sky above. If you show your expression firmly and sometimes with gestures, your opponent will open your mind rather than forcing words.

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