Mario + Rabitz Galaxy Battle will be released in the winter of 2022. Set in a galaxy, more dynamic battle

Nintendo and Ubisoft announced on June 28 that they will launch the Mario + Rabitz Galaxy Battle this winter in the Nintendo Direct Mini Soft Maker Lineup 2022.6.28. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch. The announcement for overseas will be released on October 20.

This is a collaboration title between Mario in Nintendo and Rabbitz, a character of Ubisoft. This is the sequel to the simulation adventure game Mario + Rabitz King Dam Battle released in 2018. Rabitz Rosetta and Sparks appear as new characters. They look like Rosetta and Chico, which first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy.

And the stage of this work is Galaxy. From the previous work, which was set in the mushroom kingdom, it was a great form. Mario and others fly around Galaxy on a spaceship and fight evil.

The game play of this work consists of a battle part and a search part. The battle part is based on a turn-based strategy game. The team is selected from the characters of the Mario series and the Rabbits to form the team. Operate each character for each turn and fight the enemy. There are a total of 9 selected characters. Each has different weapons and skills. By considering these combinations, it is possible to work on a variety of strategies.

One of the major changes from the previous work in the battle part is the introduction of action elements. In the previous work, it was a format to select a place to move from a grid-shaped map. In this work, you can move around freely as much as you can when you can act at your own turn. As a result, the battle has evolved more dynamically. In addition, characters can act until they attack using weapons. You can aim for great damage by combining techniques that can be attacked while moving with a sliding, such as sliding and weapons.

In the search part, the planet is searched by operating Mario and Rabbits. Discover items and puzzles scattered on the map. If you encounter an enemy while searching, you will move to the battle part. In the previous work, the search stage was a linear structure, but in this work, it is possible to move around the spacious planet more freely. The sparks that appear from this work are also caught in various places. Finding and rescue while searching, it seems that you can use its power and abilities in battle.

The previous work, Mario + Rabitz King Dam Battle, gained popularity with surprising collaboration and playful games. One year after its release, world sales achieved 2 million copies. Since then, detailed sales have not been announced, but according to Davide Soliani, the creative director of the work, 7.5 million players have played the same.


According to an interview with Ubisoft Milan, who worked on the development of the film, the number of development staff has increased tripled from the previous work by joining members of Ubisoft other departments. The world is veteran than the previous work, but it is not an open world ( As for the studio, if you try to make it easy to pick up, you are aiming for a deep work, and in this work, it is said that beginners can enjoy it, but even advanced users can find various challenges. (SCREEN RANT).

Mario + Rabitz Galaxy Battle will be released this winter for Nintendo Switch.

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