This is how much graphics cards should cost based on their performance

So far, video cards are rapidly cheaper around the world for 3DCenter colleagues decided to compare their current prices with their own performance and calculate on the basis of this how much they should cost. The calculations of the price/performance ratio of colleagues were carried out on the basis of their 4K index, taking into account the large list of video cards reviews.

As a result, it turned out that the RTX 3090 graphics cards at the moment have the most poorly real price regarding its performance, but there are also solutions that have already coincided when comparing between real and honest price. This is what the data for NVIDIA video cards look like.

And so for AMD Radeon video cards.

With absolute confidence, you can now declare only one thing. Video cards manufacturers should reduce the prices of their devices in the near future, but, unfortunately, neither NVIDIA nor AMD are currently going to do this. At least the company did not officially declare this.

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