The medieval battlefield action CHIVALRY 2 Steam version exceeded 300,000 in 10 days. The cheerful progress of the chaotic siege game does not stop

TRIPWIRE PRESENTS announced on June 22 that the Steam version of Chivalry 2 has exceeded 300,000. The Steam version was distributed on June 12. It will be a great achievement in just 10 days. The compatible platform for this work is PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, which supports cross-platform play. Also supports Japanese display.

CHIVALRY 2 is a first-person/third-person multiplayer lusher developed by Canadian development company Torn Banner Studios. The medieval fictitious country Agasa is in a civil war, and the Knights of Agatha and the rebel Mason Corps are fighting. Players experience such a war era and participate in the war as a medieval knight. The game is compatible with a server that accommodates up to 64 people, and you can experience a large battlefield. In addition to extreme depictions such as slashed limbs and necks, gore and bloodshed, the battle that can use everything on the battlefields such as chicken and cabbage is a feature of this work.

The game mode is a team death match that competes for the number of kills in addition to the team goal (Team Objective) inherited from the previous work CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare. Equipped with a free forward all that is all enemy except you. There is also an offline practice mode that allows you to play in any map and game mode. In the game play, the players select three sub-classes, four troops, four troops, a shooter, avant-garde, infantry, and knight. A battle that combines fighting games with FPS will develop. Weapons and traps that can control the battlefield, such as catapults, baristas, treves shets, broken castle, and spiked laps, will also appear.

The attraction of this work is a chaotic battlefield. In the main team goal mode, a flashy siege battle with up to 64 people is in place. The simple rules of all military united and attacking or defending one goal are also spurning flashy gameplay. The battle is a simple operation, and it is easy for new players to begin (related articles). Nevertheless, a variety of military and subclasses realize deep game play. The existence of weapons and traps also colored a variety of gameplay.

This work has won the status of very popular, which is popular with 83 % in Steam user reviews. Since the release on Steam, the number of simultaneous connection players has been around 10,000 (Steamdb). The fact that a certain number of players is playing, regardless of time, may be being played in a wide range of areas around the world. By the way, at the time of release on other platforms in 2021, it has achieved 1 million sales in about two months. The Steam version seems to be 300,000 in 10 days, approaching it on a single platform.

In this work, a limited-time MIDSOMMAR event is being held along with 2.5.1 patch distribution. It will be a collaboration event with the same name movie. On the event map where the distinctive object is towering, a match starts without a weapon. You will pick up an object scattered on the map and get it off. It is an event full of MIDSOMMAR elements that symbolize movies such as flowers and bear masks. On the other hand, server errors have occurred after 2.5.1 patches. He is currently working on improvement.

CHIVALRY 2 is on sale for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

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