Ranch action RPG Rune Factory 5 Steam version announced, released on July 14. To a slimy smooth adventure on a PC

Marvelous subsidiary XSEED GAMES announced the Steam version of Rune Factory 5 on June 23. The release date seems to be July 14th. It is said to record both Japanese and English sounds. The price is 7678 yen, and if you make a reservation, you can get the game for 15%off 6526 yen. As a reservation privilege, Swimsuit set of holy knights and readers + New U.S. Corps help item pack is included. In addition, the deluxe version comes with an item Rune Factory 4 Heroine Candidate / Hero Candidate Costume Set that can change the protagonist’s costume.

Rune Factory 5 is a fantasy RPG that combines the ranch story and adventure elements. The protagonist, who has lost his memory as a player, reaches a ligberg, a town rich in nature, and spends his days as a member of the security organization SEED. While solving various incidents, you can enjoy free living, such as fighting, agriculture, fishing, and romance. This work adopts a third-person perspective. A 3D expression that is richer than the past work expresses a beautiful and deep world. In the rigberg, fight and fight, and spend your time with exchanges.

Rune Factory 5 was released for Nintendo Switch in May 2021. The addiction of the adventure and life cycle, which is the real pleasure of the series, and the attractive character expression continue. With 3D action elements and the creation of a three-dimensional world, it brought new elements to the series. At the beginning of the release, there were many defects and some were distorted, but the updates were also eliminated. Introduced elements that respond to romance and marriage with the same sex characters. The global development was also made, exceeding 500,000 in May this year. And the Steam version will be released in July.


It seems that the game content has not changed in the Steam version, but the performance will be improved. In the published trailer, you can see the characters fighting and adventure smoothly. Probably 60fps is out. In the Nintendo Switch version, there was a problem that the frame rate was not stable due to the restrictions on the specifications. Despite some improvements by the update, a heavy rag was seen when multiple people were adventurous or fighting multiple monsters. However, as far as the published video is seen, the Steam version seems to be solved. Since the problem of processing was a drawback in the same work, it will greatly improve the game experience just by eliminating it.

The Rune Factory 5 Steam version will be released on July 14. The Nintendo Switch version has also been released, and this is available for half the price of 3839 yen until July 6.

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