Brad Pitt could be in the last stretch of his career

Something that is not at discussion is the level of fame that the actor Brad Pitt has generated in these years, this thanks to its roles in iconic films such as _troya, the Mexican, Era once in_ hollywood and many more. However, it may be that this great star is reaching the pinnacle of his career, giving a message that can lead to the imminent withdrawal of him.

During a somewhat more personal and non-professional interview with the environment GQ, Pitt talks about what he has meant to be an actor for so long, and as he has managed to deal with the weight of success. And at some point he was considered the best worldwide, a rank that has slowly decreased, since he has set aside large papers.

He mentions that he is trying to think carefully about what is to come, on the path he wants to draw for the final stages of an abundantly creative career.

I consider myself in my last section, this last semester or quarter. What will happen to the future? And how do I want to design that?

Here in California there is much talk about being oneself, ‘authentic’. It bothers me, what does ‘authentic’ mean? For me it was to get to a place to recognize those deep scars that we carry.

It is worth mentioning that the work that Pitt is doing today is rewarding in new and different forms. In the following months Plan B Entertainment , its producer, premieres Women Talking , an adaptation of Miriam Toews on a group of Mennonite women who join against their rapists, directed by Sarah Polley.

There is also the next cinematographic version of Blonde of Joyce Carol Oates , a fictitious biography of the inner life of Marilyn Monroe , directed by Andrew Dominik .

With the businesses he manages Pitt Currently, he can easily end his action career, since he would remain in some way or another in the world of shows. He has found other ways in which he entertains himself, such as the hobby of playing guitar and the elaboration of scripts for next movies, in which he is not involved in any role.

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