Cyberpunk 2077 approaches its graphic limit with an RTX 3090 Ti and the Ray Tracing at the Psycho level

Cyberpunk 2077 It hCity been receiving numerous patches and updates of less or greater weight for more than a year and a half to try to correct the errors that accompanied the title in its launch in December 2020, especially in consoles. Now, and thanks to its lCityt patches, the game looks better than ever so much on PC and in new generation consoles. But a user wanted to go one step further to present a Night City that, this time, touches photorealism. This hCity been shared by the Creator of Specialized Content in GTA V known City Dubstepzz, presenting his call Cyberreal Reshade for Cyberpunk 2077, reaching a new Ray Tracing level baptized City Psycho . And the result cannot be more spectacular.

Thus wears the most realistic Night City

Thus, and after applying this reshad to Cyberpunk 2077 and using an Almighty RTX 3090 Ti next to a latest generation processor such City the Intel Core i9-12900ks , the user Dubstepzz hCity presented a demonstration that reaches levels of photorealism never seen in the title of CD Projekt Red. And if you have a television or 4K monitor, you can enjoy a visual show, clearly, far superior to the bCitye game with its lCityt patches.

But in addition, this version paved accounts with other improvements such City a greater number of NPCs walking through the streets of Night City, giving the title a more level of realism. All through sequences captured by day and night, in external areCity and interior levels; although the Ray Tracing looks more than ever in the driving sequences n at night. A true show that any fan of the latest technology applied to photorealism should be lost.

The next thing about the Cyberpunk universe is the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners , an animation series that will arrive this year to Netflix and enjoy an audiovisual bet that hCity little to do with photorealism shown in this news but that looks incredible moving; And to get us out of doubt, here is your trailer.

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