Kakao Games, Friends Popcorn donation event

[Friends Moon Young-soo] Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) announced on the 21st that it held a ‘Heart Moa Love Sharing’ event that supports the air conditioner for elderly people and grandchildren living alone in the mobile game ‘Friends Popcorn’.

Heart Moa Love Sharing until June 29 is the first charity event held at Friends Popcorn. If you collect 30 million hearts in the game, Kakao Games is a social contribution event where you donate 30 million won.

The user consumes a heart through gameplay in Friends Popcorn, and the consumed heart is automatically earned and can participate in the donation event by just enjoying the game.

Donations are used to support the air conditioner in preparation for the upcoming heat wave, and users can also receive additional in-game rewards such as ‘+3 1 hour pass’ and ‘Golden Ryan 2-hour pass’ depending on the number of hearts used by me.

Earlier, Kakao Games held a donation campaign in the mobile game ‘Moonlight Sculptor’ to support children’s heating costs through the sale of heating costs, and to donate donations through the PC online game ‘Kakao Battleground’ competition.

An official of Kakao Games said, We will try to show the good influence of the game in more various ways. said.

Friends Popcorn, meanwhile, is a three-match puzzle game that solves various puzzle missions with Kakao Friends characters and challenges higher levels of puzzle missions. It was released in 2016.

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