Billy Billy Beautiful Girl Collection Attery Gear Google and Apple launches

Billy Billy launched its mobile collection RPG ‘Athery Gear: Fusion’ in Google Play and Apple App Store on the 14th.

The Atle Gear is a mobile RPG that collects and nurtures armored girl AG. In the worldview that the human camp Otoruna and Frontier, who survived the destroyed civilization, develop a new weapon AG (Attery Gear) to fight the puppet corps, the user becomes the commander of the Allied forces.


It records 1 million pre-booking participants and provides special summons, Nioskin, and game goods to have ★ 5 AG as a result of unlimited draw to all users.

In addition, the login bonus that pays up to 3 days of cumulative login, the 5-star Sura pickup chance by the 28th, the wickedness of the daytime, and the four-star Ichinoha-Chihaya, and the Asurado who obtain various rewards at the event exchange. In addition, the new training that supports new users, a new participant cheering for 7 days of login bonus, and a teeming event to the future of 5-star Shinobu, limited icon and frame.

Meanwhile, the top three characters who earned the most votes in the AG popular vote that began on May 27 were unveiled. No. 1 Alma, 2nd Hyaline, 3rd Hokuto. It will achieve 100,000 participants in voting, and will receive all users with Korea Special Limited CG, No. 1 Popular Voting Alma CG, Free Ten Tax Tickets, and Free Skin ‘Made Made’. CG can be found in the game in mid-July, which can be received immediately when connecting to the game.

For more information, please visit the official Atle Gear Cafe.

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