Ship of Fools will also be available on consoles

Team 17 and the Quebec Studio Fika Productions have announced that the very first game of the Ship of Fools studio will also be available on console. Thus, in addition to a PC version, players will be able to obtain the title on PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series.

Ship of Fools will plunge the player into the Hautes Mers, you will play a troop of reckless sailors while they must save the archipelago archipelago of a murderous leviathan in addition to the Everlasting Storm. Both try to sow the aquapocalypse.

Ship of Fools will be playable alone or with a friend, so you will not be alone in trying to survive to be ” Roguelite ”.

_ The key features of Ship of Fools include: _

• grandiose combat-frantic fights aboard vessels against colossal leviathan and horrible creatures from the deep and dark waters of the archipelago

• Freetic cooperation experience-designed from the start for the game in cooperation, manage the ship’s repairs in the action of the action, recharge and direct the cannons, and use paddles to hit enemies when they go up on board the Stormstrider

• Endless replayability-Improve your crew and unlock additional objects and madmen to face the seas in constant evolution, with several races necessary to avoid aquapocalypse.

For the moment, Fika Productions and Team 17 have not revealed the date you can navigate on the seas.

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