Monster match action GIGABASH will be released on August 5th. Aim at the top while destroying the city

Malaysia-based development company Passion Republic Games has announced that it will release Gigabash on August 5 in the Epic Games Store Summer Showcase. Compatible platforms are Steam/Epic Games Store/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5. The Japanese language support in the game and the launch of the domestic PS version are already announced.

Gigabash is a competitive action game where you choose a huge monster or hero and fight with up to four people. In the world of this work, monsters called Titan wake up from the long sleep. He fights around the championship against humans and other Titans. It is said that it is a mix of the monster movie of the past and the brawl actions such as Super Smash Brothers Special and Monster Great Battle War of the Monsters.

The battle is a bird’s-eye view overlooking the cityscape from the sky. With the huge Titan and heroes fighting violently, you can also enjoy how the buildings are destroyed and the ground is ragged.

In terms of action, you can act such as regular attacks, special attacks, guards, avoidance, and grabbing. Normal attacks and special attacks have the concept of reservoirs, and pressing and holding the buttons will change to larger damage. By grabbing, it seems that not only the opponent’s character, but also the building is grabbed, pulled out from the ground, and throws it toward the opponent.

Through the battle, the gigacy gauge is stored, and it can be transformed into a more huge S-class monster by being full. When this transformation is activated, it will be an important strategy.

There are 10 types of characters, and you can enjoy a variety of models, from chubby heroes to monsters that are likely to fire from your arms, simple and cool mechanisms. Normal attacks and special attacks are completely different for each character. The stand-ups will be different, such as close contact and remote subjects. On the official website, each character’s profile is released. In addition to seeing unique techniques, settings and status of height etc. are described, and you can also listen to screams.

The game mode is locally or online multi. You can enjoy up to 4 people, 2 to 2 team battles, and one duel mode per body. The local multi-mulch also includes a party mode consisting of a mini-game. Single mode is also included, and from the viewpoint of four different Titan, a story that approaches the mystery of Titan’s awakening is spelled out.

Developing Gigabash is the Malaysian development company Passion Republic Games. Until now, it has been involved in various big titles such as Gears 5, Dark Souls III, and MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN for modeling, animation, and assets. Gigabash is the first work of the studio that has gained such a track record.

Gigabash will be released on August 5 for Steam/Epic Games Store/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5. It is under consideration for other platforms.

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