How to unlock the glamorous equipment appointed outfit in Final Fantasy XIV

In Patch 6.15 Final Fantasy XIV, a new full set of glamorous equipment was added. This stylish outfit called the appointed outfit consists of caps, jackets, trousers, gloves and shoes in which you will look like one of the most stylish people in the old Charles. Here’s how to unlock the appointed outfit.

individual supplies to Ameliance Leeveilleur


Glamor appointed outfit is available in the appointed outfit chest, which is a reward for the implementation of user supplies of Ameliance Leeveilleur. First, unlock the individual Ameliance leveilleur supplies, and then bring to the maximum ameliance satisfaction, fulfilling its requests. After pumping its satisfaction to the maximum level, a quest called Gift from the Lever’s house will be unlocked from Mirill , LevEER LABT In Old Charlaan, X: 15.7, Y: 7.1 .

Gift from the house Leveier

The quest Gift from the House of Lever is a mission of synchronization of quests of the 80th level for any work or class, which rewards 112,200 experience and 615 GIL, but the real main event is the chest of the appointed outfit. This item, after the opening, gives you one of the assigned cap, a designated jacket, assigned gloves, assigned trousers and assigned shoes.

Equipment of Glamor Assigned Outfit

The assigned equipment refers to the first level and can be equipped with any class, student of war, magic, hand or earth. This makes him an ideal object of glamor. It can also be worn back on Amelians if you pumped it to the maximum level, and this is a great reward for the execution of this chain of quests.

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