Call of Duty Warzone offers numerous cosmetics to celebrate the month of pride: how to get them

Our world is populated by individuals, and what could be more wonderful than love between two beings? No matter your sexual orientation! Call of Duty: Warzone has decided to participate in this fight, offering cosmetics during the month of June with the colors of the pride month.

Warzone offers cosmetics in LGBTQ+ colors

In fact, on the occasion of the month of pride, Raven Studio has decided to offer Battle Royale players no less than 14 special objects with the colors of the latter . The purpose of these cosmetics? Celebrate the month of pride, and above all do not be ashamed of who you are or love.

To do this, players can now recover, free of charge, 14 cosmetics, either in PlayStation, Xbox or PC. Among these, several visiting cards, but also a beautiful emblem that represents a lion with the colors of the pride month.

Here is a general description of the presentation cards that players can already collect:

To greet the beauty of the latter, the developers did not forget to thank through social networks to the various artists who contributed to this project:

  • Marilyn Roxie Queer Gender
  • Salem Agenda
  • Cameron aromantic
  • Intersexual by Morgan Carpenter
  • JJ Poole fluid genre
  • Jasper Pansexual
  • Gayflagblog gay man

  • Pride of Daniel Quasar progress

How to get all these cosmetics? Well, nothing could be simpler! To have them in their hands, players must simply start Battle Royale and go to the barracks tab to see these gifts.

Amazon Prime lifts the June pack lid


In addition, in addition to these colorful cosmetics that can be collected for free, we remind you that Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of the new package Call of Duty: Warzone offered, but also Call of Duty: Vanguard.

For this month of June, it is our Constanze operator who is honored with the legendary aspect under oath, and in addition to this, players can also enjoy the plane of the legendary Carthage weapon.

Here is the complete list of free rewards:

  • Legendary operator appearance under oath
  • Legendary weapon plane of Cartago
  • Amulet of the fate of the legendary weapon Heroic Hoplite
  • Epic emblem bronze gladiator
  • Killcam epic theme Modern Antiquity
  • Chosen champion Rare sticker

To take advantage of this new package, the subscribers of Amazon Prime simply must go to this page, then link your Amazon Prime account to the activation and then unlock the rewards.

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