Nintendo 500 claims of rights to music channel on YouTube

Something that Nintendo is not nice, it is that some users take music from their games to put it directly on YouTube, either for original arrangements or files. It has even been responsible for eliminating channels as a result of this, and now, one more user joins the ranks of denounced by the Japanese company.

The channel known as Deoxys Prime Revealed that it will be eliminating all the musical pieces to Nintendo from the channel, this involves franchises such as _super Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, among others. This after having received 500 copyright claims, something that fortunately will not be a total elimination of the channel.

Here your Twitter statement and its respective translation:

I will eliminate all Nintendo music from my channel. With more than 500 claims and more than a dozen soundtracks blocked during the last week, it is quite clear that they do not want their music to be on YouTube.

I have no intention of eliminating my channel and the rest of the soundtracks that are not from Nintendo will remain active in the predictable future. She is frustrating, but as I said before, ultimately, it is your choice to block your music on the platform.

The best of the luck for anyone who still resists to have Nintendo music on YouTube. Many of those soundtracks have never had official releases.

Fortunately, franchise music such as mega man, _Seic the hedgehog _, Shantae, Scott Pilgrim the Game, among others that belong to other brands in the industry.

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