Gran Turismo 7 Upload the price of their cars, and fans are not happy

Although Gran Turismo 7 reached the market with a series of positive qualifications, in recent months we have seen several controversies that have ruined the image of this title. Always be connected to an online server, to extremely high prices for cars. On this occasion, is this last point which has caused discontent with the community.

Recently, several users of Gran Tourism 7 have indicated that during the last update of the game, several legendary cars of the insurer Hagerty have increased at price. It has been mentioned that, for example, The Ferrari F40 went from $ 1.35 million of credits, at $ 2.6 million . Of the 62 cars available, 27 have risen in price, 21 remain the same, and only two fall.

The reason why only the legendary cars of the insurer Hagerty have fluctuated in this way is that, for a strange reason, it is about following a similar model with real life . In this way, it would not be surprise if in a matter of months we see an increase or decrease in prices. As expected, this was not liked by fans, who has demonstrated their disagreement in sites like Reddit:

There is nothing like playing a game and reminds you that you are still too poor for anything.

“GT’s magic for me, when I started with the series, it was the idea of feeling like the car collector that I will probably never be in real life.

I didn’t have all the cars, but almost any car I wanted to be at your fingertips.


That is not the case, now. And the game in many ways ruined me. ”

At the moment there is no official statement by Polyphony Digital and, considering the controversies of the past, It is likely that this is an issue that does not have a solution in favor of users . In related issues, there is already a series of great tourism in developing. Similarly, here you can check more about the new game update.

Editor’s note:

It is quite sad that Polyphony Digital is ruined your experience due to decisions that may sound quite strange for the common player. At least the main experience is quite solid, which is always pleasant to see.

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