“Fire Emblem Musou Fuka Hana Sayuki” Character introduction video of the new aristocratic community, Leicester lord alliance!

Koei Tecmo Games has released a video introducing the characters of the new nobles and the Leicester Lord League, a new noble community of “ Fire Emblem Musou Fukazuki “.

In this video, a character related to the Leicester Lord Alliance appears. Characters that open up the future of the alliance along with the legitimate child Claude of the Legan family, are introduced along with the action scene.

Appearance character

Lorentz-Hermann-Glostal (CV: Hiroshi Watanabe)

The legitimate child of the Glostal Count. He is competing with the Legan family of the Alliance, and is striving every day with pride and responsibility as a prestigious standing in the alliance. He is in search of a spouse suitable for himself, and is also active in social, but often spinning.

Rafael-Kirsten (CV: Takanori Otari)

Leicester people from Leicester. He lost his parents in an accident and valued his grandfather and sister, the remaining family. He is aiming to be a knight in order to earn a stable profit and nurtures his family, and he likes three times and “bullying muscles”.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Leicester Alliance Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Rishitea = von-Cordelia (CV: Aoi Yuki)

One of the nobles in the alliance’s round table conference, the legitimate child of the Count Codelia. She is good at magic and has a preliminary genius skin, but she is not arrogant in her talents and does not neglect her effort. He dislikes vegetables, ghosts, and children treated as a child.

Ignats-Victor (CV: Shogo Yano)

The second son of a large merchant family who has a trading with the Legan family and the Grostar family in the alliance territory. His family business was inherited by his brother, so he entered a officer school in search of another course. He wants his parents to be a knight, but he loves beautiful scenery and art, and he wants to do it…

Marianne-von-Edmand (CV: Sawako Hata)

A adopted woman of Edmande. She doesn’t open her heart to others and doesn’t try to get involved as much as possible. On the other hand, he likes birds and beasts and is often familiar with it. She is religious and indispensable to pray to the goddess, but at the root of himself is willing to do himself.

Leony-Pinelli (CV: Sakura Nogawa)

The daughter of a huntsman in the Alliance Sawin Village. She aims to be a mercenary when she was a child when she visited the village when she was a child. She calls Geralt a teacher and claims to be the most disciple. He is friendly but loses, and he has no choice but to train.

“Fire Emblem Musou Fuka Hana Snowzuki” will be released on June 24, 2022 for Nintendo Switch. The package/download version is 7,920 yen, and the “Treasure Box” is 16,720 yen. In addition, if the switch itself has save data of “Fire Emblem Musou” or “Fire Emblem Funa Kazuki”, if you select the “Benefits” menu on the pose screen for the military and advance part of this game, in the game. You can get the money and items you can use.

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