Cooperative puzzle ADV “We WERE HERE FOREVER” -When the cooperation of the two is fruitful, it feels very good and at the same time gratitude to each other [Developer Interview]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini-interlocked show to developers for the developers “ We WERE HERE FOREVER “, a cooperative puzzle adventure released on May 10 for PCs and PCs.

This work is an adventure for solving the two-person cooperative type dedicated to online play. Use the transceiver in the game to report each other’s information and aim for an eerie Castle Rock Castle. In order to escape, close cooperation and communication are indispensable, and players need to have a compatible microphone and Internet connection. Explore areas such as graveyards, chapels, doll studies, etc., solve various puzzles, and report them to their partners and get over them when they are approaching themselves. It has already been supported in Japanese.

“We WERE HERE FOREVER” is being distributed for 1,840 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Lucia de Visser (Lucia) Hello! Lucia de Visser, a managing director of Total Mayhem Games and one of the co-founders. In this work, I was in charge of the story and creative direction. Is it your favorite game? It’s definitely “BIoshock”. I don’t know anything else in this work. I’m still waiting for “BIOSHOCK 4”.

――Why did this work developed?

Lucia all started when we were still students and learned a vice-majors called “game design and development” at Rotterdam Applied Science. When we were working on the same project in a group of 15 people, we got acquainted there. The challenge at this time was to create a unique 3D game experience, and I got one of the bonus points by installing the multi-player function well.

In this project, we have completed this popular series, “We WERE HERE”, a cooperative play-auditor puzzle for free play. This was a very successful game, and I was able to get enough money to make two other games (this is 2018 “We Were Here TOO” and 2019 “We Were Here Together”).

Some of the development teams liked cooperative games that each player had to help each other. For example, it is a game like “KEEP TALKING and NOBODY EXPLODES”. We really like this asymmetric idea that we have to help each other. Then we adopted this gameplay and started working on a prototype of only one goal, saying, “Escape from here.”

When you actually play this prototype yourself, you can see something interesting and know that you can know the compatibility with the people you are playing together, the next place is the original story in Antarctica. We have begun to create an eerie castle story in the extremely cold area. All of these were surprisingly perfect, and the first work of the series, “We WERE HERE”, was completed. While developing this series, the development studio grew at once. In three and a half years, 12 new people joined, and many collaborations with partners were held. New people are also experts in various fields, including art, technical, game design, management, and marketing.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

As mentioned on Lucia, the main thing in this series is the cooperation puzzle adventure. We were thinking about how to connect the players to each other. Many people are looking for a way to connect with friends and loved ones. And playing games is a very good way to relax together.

However, many popular multiplayer games are highly competitive, and sometimes it is difficult to get a sense of accomplishment with friends. You may want to go to an adventure alone with one friend.

As a developer, I think this is a very interesting way of thinking. Because we’re not just making games that two heroes do something individually. The development of this work has more challenges than just creating a game that can be played together. I want everyone to feel the feeling that the other person is very needed to break through the difficulties. Each player has its own role, and when the cooperation of the two is fruitful, you will feel very good and thank you for each other.

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

Lucia friends and couples are the biggest target, but this is based on player-based. We always say that what you can enjoy this work is to play with people who have a good relationship. People who have a good relationship are the most fun experiences because they often do words and communication that only the two can understand. The age is not so important, but it seems that people between the ages of 18 and 35 are playing a lot. In addition, I have always wanted people who like cooperative games, multiplayer games, puzzle games, and adventure games.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

There is LUCIA! I’m inspired by everywhere. When we were still a student, “MYST (Puzzle)”, “Portal 2 (Cooperative Play)”, “Amnesia: The Dark Descend”, “KEEP TALKING and NOBODY EXPLODES” I was interested in games such as. Other than the game, we are a big fan of Jim Henson’s “Dark Crystal”, so I was inspired here.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

Lucia lockdown had some effect. For a few months of rockdown, more than 90%of us worked from home, but we noticed that there were many changes in the studio. I had to find a new form of communication, and I had to understand the progress of development. Other than that, there were some trials that several of the members live alone, so they have to face loneliness. We have developed our best to keep our health (mentally). Fortunately, no one was sick.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

LUCIA, of course! I would like to see the distributor playing this work. There is no problem with monetization. In order to keep making great content, you have to earn living expenses! I am very happy to have many other wonderful games choose our game.

-Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

Lucia I love Japanese fans! I would be grateful if we could deliver our games to more Japanese players. Please pay attention to our studio development status! thank you very much!

–thank you very much.

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