Horror dolls up to secret houses: 9 Sims

Create, build and live for 22 years: The Sims has been on its bump for many years and surprisingly more secrets than distant Powers. We spoke to the experts Sims-blog.de about the most unknown and brought them for you.

from the Sims to the Sims 4: 9 Funny, scary and curious secrets

Do you know how the language of the Sims arises? Have you ever heard of the secret debug house? Or have you always wanted to learn the funny truth behind the animal noises? Today you will find out.

We made the Sims world unsafe with YouTuber and expert Sims-blog.de and brought the 9 rarest and most interesting secrets about your favorite life simulation for you. What do you know, what is completely new to you? There is only one way to find out: click on here!

Another Sally Joins the Squad | The Sims 4: Creepypasta Reboot - Ep. 9
Horror dolls, secret houses, disappeared Sims: With 9 examples, the Sims showed how funny, scary and curious can be. We are excited to see what else we will discover and thank expert Sims-blog.de for his help with a warm “Sul Sul!”.

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