“COOK OL” release to make dinner as a pantyhose OL

MX Nice Game has released the cooking sim “ cook OL ” for PC (Steam).

This is a simulation game in which the OL on the way home from work makes dinner. The player is dressed as an OL dressed in pantyhose and high heels and challenges dinner. Search for ingredients, arrange them in order, add an appropriate amount of seasonings to adjust the taste, and wait for the cooking. The time before the cooking is warm, she grows, holds her legs, and twists her toes. At first glance, OL looks like a raw foot, but he seems to be wearing pantyhose properly, and he can experience a fetish and glossy moment in this work.

Features of the game

  • The player dresses as an OL and has dinner together.

  • You need a little memory to find ingredients.

  • To put the selected ingredients in order, you need a little patience.

  • Add an appropriate amount of seasoning with an accurate sense.

  • Next is the work to wait for the food to warm up.

  • Let’s taste delicious dishes made by them.

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The glossy OL cooking sim “COOK OL” is distributed for 520 yen for PC (Steam).

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