Fortnite ali a cup: start date, format, awards and other details

Epic games recently announced that Ali-a, one of the most popular creators of Fortnite, will join Icon Serie. Cosmetics Ali-a Icon Series will appear in the item store from May 19, 2022. In the same way, in order to celebrate this, players will also be able to take part in quests Ali-a to unlock Ali-Ai was a spray here . Players will need to destroy 25 opponents on Ali-a Experience to unlock the spray.

How to get Ali-A equipment earlier in Fortnite

How Many POINTS & TOP % Do You Need to Get Ali A skin? (Ali-A Cup Leaderboard Free Skin)

The Ali-Ai Cup will take place May 18 , 2022, and this will give players the opportunity to unlock the Ali-A Outfit equipment and decorating Ali-Tech Backplate Backplate. The format is Zero Build Duos, and a fairly high place will reward players with cosmetic objects before they enter the objects of objects. At the same time, having earned at least eight points during the Ali-Ai Cup, players will be able to unlock Smiley Army Ali-A .

The Ali-Ah-A outfit will have four unique style options: Matroix styles by default, Elevated, Matroix and Ultra-Armor . In the same way, there will be different color options for all options sapphire Paragon and Titanium Tac Lying of style. They will include **** a rare reaper, an unusual combat, epic native and legendary color.

Cosmetic accessories will include the rear panel of the Ali-Tech Back Bling , Plasma wings Ali-Tex , glider Ali-Tech PlasmWings and Kirk for Ali-Tech personnel. In addition, players will also receive blue film and Emotion of a little diplodocula along with a cosmetic set.

Ali-a Test the Fortnite Island code

Recently, the creative island of Ali-a Experience Fortnite was launched, and here the players will have to destroy 25 opponents to earn Ali-a’s Here spray. To start, enter the following island code in the creative center: 5135-8778-2901.

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