Update: Alan Wake Remastered appears for the Switch in autumn

After weeks of rumors we finally have certainty, Alan Wake appears for the Nintendosystem.

Update of May 13, 2022: In keeping with the 12th anniversary of the series, the Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed the rumors that had been ongoing for months via a Nintendo Switch version. There is still no concrete release date for Alan Wake Remastered on the Switch, but this should be announced in the coming months and is not too far away. That sounds like a release in autumn or winter. In contrast to Control, the game will appear as a digital download and not as a cloud version.

In addition, Sam Lake and Co in the anniversary stream confirmed that the associated TV series, which was announced for the first time in 2018, will continue to work. But there is also less positive news. It was actually planned that there should be more to the second part in summer. Nothing will become of this, because producing a decent gameplay trailer or even a demo would take too much time, which then lacks the actual development. However, a few new concept drawings for Alan Wake 2 were shown.

Update from October 12, 2021: Now the US ESRB has also classified the game for the Nintendo Switch, but neither Remedy Entertainment nor publisher Epic Games have announced the title for the Nintendo Console. Officially, the game is only available for the consoles of Microsoft and Sony as well as for the PC. It remains to be seen whether something changes.

_ Original message from September 21, 2021: Alan Wake Remastered may also appear for the Nintendo Switch. This suggests at least a new database entry at the Brazilian counterpart of the local USK. There the game was initially listed for the Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, however, the entry has disappeared again and only the versions for PlayStation, Xbox and the PC can be found. So it may well be that it was a mistake.

However, there are two other documents that the Twitter user Necrolipe, employee of the Brazilian website Switch Brasil, published. There is even explicitly talking about a cartridge, i.e. a module for the hybrid console.

Alan Wake Remastered Is FINALLY Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Officially, neither Remedy Entertainment nor publisher Epic Games have announced or indicated a switch version of Alan Wake Remastered. The colleagues of Videogames Chronicles have already tried to comment, but as is often in such a case, rumors are rarely or not commented on.

So we have no choice but to wait whether Alan Wake Remastered is really announced for the Switch. We would not rule it out completely, because with Control, which was published in a cloud version for the portable console, Remedy Entertainment dared to take a first trip to the Nintendo system. Maybe with Alan Wake there will be a lookout soon.

Quelle: Videogames Chronicles, Switch Brasil

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