The board game Metal Gear Solid has been delayed

Idw Games works on a board game Metal Gear Solid for fans of the series, but they will have to wait a little longer than initially planned. In November 2019, IDW announced that it was postponing the release of the game in the summer of 2020, but now the board game will not be released before the summer of 2021. The delay is apparently necessary due to the fact that Idw Games Do not want to compromise a quality experience on the table just to publish it in time. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC so that fans fill the void until the release of the board game Metal Gear Solid.

“In the fall of 2019, we made the difficult decision to postpone MGS’s release to this year to refine design and offer you players, the best experience possible,” said Idw Games in a recent press release. “Today, we have made the even more difficult decision to postpone the game once again in the summer of 2021. Our mission is to share this revolutionary system before Gencon, which we can come together to celebrate in person Or stay virtually. related.”

“The big question you are probably asking yourself right now is” why? “, Continues the declaration of Idw Games.” The answer is simple. We do not compromise our standards of quality of play that our community deserves. We are firmly committing to work with the famous designer Emerson Matsuuchi to give life to his vision as This title on the table, whatever the time it takes. Before you start to worry about the possibility of another delay, we are happy to announce that the game enters its last phase of the game game this week! “

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