SVD 98 | Lieberknecht: promoted users in front of us

Even before the game against the SCP, it was clear that the lilies could not have done the climb on their own. However, the Darmstadt did not let themselves be put off and drove a 3-0 win at the end. A victory that meant a lot. Because it was “a good sign”, as the 48-year-old noted at “Sky” with a view to the previous 1: 2 in Düsseldorf when “we gave our little advantage out of our hands”.

But now his team gave a great answer. “We did it very impressively, showed everything that distinguished us this season: scored great goals and played passionately football. It was important to me that we presented ourselves well – we did great,” the coach praised his his Eleven over the green clover and was optimistic about the future: “The team has shown that there is a ordinary basis for everything that will come soon.”

The teams that have risen, some of which we drove in front of us.

Torsten Lieberknecht

The work of spotters 98 Troop Azov Dnepr Работа корректировщиков 98 отряда Азов Днепр
The Bundesliga will not come soon, and the lilies will also play second -class in 2022/23. “Unfortunately, the dream of the first division did not come true,” said Lieberknecht and already gave the route for the coming season. The goal is to present a “team that is fun” and “passionate and good football at the forefront”. After the final whistle at the latest, when the fans celebrated their team frenetically, the fact that this was also successful this year – and that immediately after the burst promotion room.

The coach also made no secret of the fact that he was “depressed” at the missed ascent, especially since his team was not really worse. “The teams that have risen, some of whom have driven them in front of us. We have scored against everyone, showed Bremen here at home,” Lieberknecht reviewed the expired season in front of his inner eye and complained about setbacks that his players had to take up again and again.

do not let the setbacks get down

Setbacks such as the red card against Klaus Gjasula at 0-1 in Bremen or the two opening defeats (0: 2 against Regensburg, 0: 3 at the KSC) when Coronabed could only be competed with a fuselage elf. “I stay with it: we have two games less than all other teams because we were zero competitive in the first two games,” said Lieberknecht. “But we didn’t let ourselves get down”.

Nevertheless, Lieberknecht was satisfied with the season. “The more you review the season, the more the pride predominates that we have really presented something horny. Today the pride and respect in front of my troops predominate, so I have to take my hat.”

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