Development of one person in the market? It is meaningless. So I did my best

Did you hear a game in which a ninja who was transplanted in the left arm in the cyberpunk worldview crossed the city and fights against the forces of evil? What if you include a classic retro -style graphic and a gorgeous and stealing -style island action?

Ninjaisle Island, which is a mixture of romance that explodes gamer emotions, is a game of a PC/ console platform created in the hands of a one -person developer. Asteroid Jay Jang Won -sun, a long -time game development experience, and the Ninja Island, which will be another start, was a very prominent game among the works of Play Expo.

It’s not just because the quality of the game looked high. It was because I felt that I loved the game I made enough to hold CRT TVs in the 80’s and 90’s, which I actually used at home to save the retro sensitivity. At the end of the development, we met with Jang Won -sun, who is striving to develop day and night to improve the completeness of the game, and had time to listen to the ninjile island.

Is life meaningless? And other absurd questions - Nina Medvinskaya

Q. Please introduce a simple self -introduction.

Asteroid J. Jang Won -sun is making games al1. I learned from self -taught and made a game alone, but I started to make a console game that I usually liked to burn out with continued failures. It was hard because of Corona during development, but it aims to be released this year.

** Q. What was the reason for the development of a game company and one -person development while in combination.

Originally from planning, I started as a minister, I had a QA, and I had a lot of experiences, such as the management of the planning. The unfortunate part of the planning part did not work for a long time because the career has accumulated for a long time. Although I have a lot of careers, I have no representative work, so I have a hard time getting a job. In those days, I came to study myself. I didn’t have enough technology, so I wanted to see it with an idea.

But at that time I didn’t think people would like this. The first animation I made was ridiculous, so I seemed to have been raw. But it was so unusual that people enjoyed it. From then on, I tried to try more with my confidence.

Q. The previous work was launched mainly on mobile games, turning from Ninja Island to PC and console platform. Is there a special reason?

The most accurate story seems to be the situation. Now, mobile games are very limited in genres that can be made in small or small scale. I can’t think of sales, but it’s a hyper casual game.

In addition, I was worried that it would help my livelihood to release one more mobile game because the situation was very bad just before developing Ninjaisle Island. So I thought that I couldn’t do anymore anymore, so I tried to do what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have my ability.

Before that, I believed in my inner contact, but this time I made about eight prototypes of various genres on Reddit to see the situation. At that time, the game, which was the best reaction, was much lower than now, but it was a game where ninjas were running around the building and started to develop based on this.

Q. In particular, Ninjile Island Mobile, which was released in 2017, was the same as the game under development. What is the connection?

The title is related. The ‘Ninjile Island’ mobile version was a hyper casual game made to give fun to eliminate enemies. Since there is a base that made such a game in the past, the result of adding the title and action elements is the current ‘Ninjaisle Island’.

Q. When is the hardest moment during the development of one person?

The hardest moment is the same when the family is sick. Two years ago, when the corona appeared, it was frustrating that the company had no profits and the company left the company.

And the hard thing in the other part is that it made a game alone in the market. Isn’t it possible to ask you to look at the quality of the game just by making a game alone? So it seems to be the hardest part that requires a lot of time to get enough quality.

Q. In the development of one person, it is not easy to set the standard because it is necessary to find the difficulty of the game or the fun of the game al1. In particular, I often heard that because of the desire to develop, I often have difficulty in resolving. What do you think about this.

That seems to be a sad part for me. There is no other way, so I sleep for 4 hours a day. I have a suckling child right now, but I don’t want to pay time because I want to pay time. It may be bad for the family to go to a dream of a 40 -year -old head, but I don’t miss everything I can do now.

As a result, there were people who wanted to help because they were sorry. If you do it wrong, it seems like you want to catch a person. So sometimes I was helped, and I couldn’t do it by developing one person al1. Title image cuts are underway with the help of CFK. I am more grateful that I am the people who reached out when they are the hardest.

Q. How did the unique combination of ninja, SF, and Retro come to mind.

I think I was a little familiar from that side. The games I’ve been since childhood have a lot of fusion genres. For example, I liked Sega games, but when I watched old games such as ‘Super Sinobi’, there are many contents that sweep the enemy with a knife without infiltration, not a ninja in Japan.

So I turned towards reproducing the game of those days, and I put it in a genre that I like, but I added it because it didn’t feel awkward.

This is the first time I tried dot work, but the animation is weak, so I chose to make it easier for this background. Neon signs look fun with a little idea. ‘Ninjaisle Island’ basically gives a CRT filter, and I tried to put a lot of old CRT.

Q. When I fight, I think that the exciting attack through Ilseom is the core, and I wonder what we did to implement in the game.

There are usually thoughts that come to mind when ninja. Things that do not move gorgeously to assassinate from behind and hide quietly. But I thought it was different in the first place, so I wanted to be cool like a match.

So it was made to place a lot of enemies, and an action -like action was born for the purpose of eliminating the crowded enemies at once. I think this is the difference between this game.

** Q. Obviously, the enemy flocked like a matchless game. However, there are many flocking, and nearly and distant attacks are mixed.

The problem of visibility is continuing to adjust the color and seek advice from experts. I wore a low saturation clothes according to the setting called Ninja, so it was hard to match. To compensate for this, the main character is strongly set. Basically, the barrage can be deleted by swordsmanship or reflected through upgrades.

On the other hand, it was definitely different for the enemy to appear in 3D and the enemy a lot in 2D. At one time, I was worried about whether this was the right choice, and if I change the route, I want to be a game with no personality and even tried.

Q. How much do you think the difficulty of the game is?

My wife usually tests, but her wife can’t break. My wife, who doesn’t play an action game, shouldn’t break it, so she is making it based on it. However, the difficulty of the game will not be very high.

Currently, the game consists of nine stages, and each stage has a boss and a story. Basically, the ninja of the past came to the future, and I also put it in recalling it.

And in the old game, the genre is mixed, for example, the shooting game appears on the bonus stage. If you add these things, you can feel memories if you are thinking about those days.

Q. It seems that I have received various feedbacks while conducting game tests as a demo version. What if there is a memorable feedback among them.

This is a feedback I received at this Play Expo site, but I was very impressed when I heard that “what is this fun”, “I don’t like this genre, but it’s more fun than I thought.”

I was anxious that I went on a wrong way or was doing it wrong, but I was able to get some relief that I would like to like it.

Q. If you think of the future as a one -person developer, there is a burden to make a profit. For business performance, I have to think about popularity, but I don’t feel like Ninja Island is a popular game.

There seems to be a difference in who the public is. The public I think

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