The Midnight launch date is announced: Legacy of Darkness

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The new Asmodee table role -playing studio has announced the release date of its first new table supplement, a new rules book that updates the award -winning doce of the night Configuration of the campaign . In early this week this week, Edge Studios announced that his new campaign configuration _Iibro midnight: the legacy of the darkness would be launched on May 27. The basic rules book gives the players a first look at the world of Eredane and includes new classes, skills and spells to use in the game. The new book is an updated version of _Doce de la Noche,the campaign scenario published by Fantasy Flight Games between 2003 and 2009.

A remarkable aspect of Medianoche: Legacy of the darkness is that it includes a mechanics of “heroic path” represented by a feature path. There are 12 heroic paths to choose from, each of which gives the players additional skills as they level up in the course of their _
campaign . Midnight: legacy of darkness_ also “blocks” some kinds of characters; For example, clergy are not a playable class within the world of _medianoche: legacy of darkness,since all clergy adore an evil god who is within the world of Eredane.

The description for medianoche: legacy of the darkness says: «One hundred years have passed since the shadow fell. A century ago, the forces of darkness razed from the north. They crushed the free cities of humanity, made the elves back to the depths of the forests and besieged the dwarves in their strengths in the mountains. Now, the corrupt lieutenants of a dark god govern these kingdoms destroyed with iron fist, while hunting the brave few who still fight challengingly against the evil that their world consumes.

Midnight allows you to assume the role of brave heroes fighting the overwhelming evil. Based on Dungoons and Dragons SRD, the book is fully compatible with 5th Edition D&D. Choose your character among the varied elvious, human, dwarf, median, gnoma and orca of Eredane, select your heroic path to become a hero worthy of legend and fight against the legions of Izrador and the lieutenant legate of him. “

Medianoche: Legacy of the darkness will be available at local playgrounds from May 27.

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