The Twisted Metal series presents the Brooklyn Nine star

HeVetal twisted_ the television series that will now be broadcast in Peacock of NBC has found another protagonist in Stephanie Beatriz, the actress known for her roles in brooklyn nine and nine as well as entento. In addition, we obtained some details about her character and how they will fit into thetwist_ universe, too. This casting announcement follows the previous confirmation that Marvel star Anthony Mackie would assume the main role in the series with more talents shared talents later and presumably more to come until the program is released.

Stephanie Beatriz Joins Anthony Mackie in Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’
Beatriz will star inMETAL twisted_ as a character called “Quiet”, a co -star described as a “fierce and rude car thief who acts purely by instinct.” A press release about her announcement said that she came from a community that “oppressed her to silence”, a background story that we will assume that she led to her name being her. While expressing the need for revenge of her, Quiet finally forms what is described as an “unlikely antagonistic link” with Mackie’s character, John Doe.

As mentioned in the character’s biography, Mackie will take the initiative in this twisted metal_ show how it is indicated in the previous ads. Asad Qizilbash, the head of the PlayStation Productions organization that supervises this twistedmetal_ project, praised Mackie’s ability to combine comedy, action and drama “, a skill that he said will be perfect for the tone that seeks to establish this series.

Before the announcement on Beatriz’s participation in the program, it was said that Kitao Sakurai, known as the Eric Andre_’s Show of Eric Andre_ would direct multiple episodes of the series. However, it has not yet been said in how many half -hour episodes the program will consist of when it is launched. Will Arnett is also on board as executive producer, and although previous reports suggested that he would also play Sweet Tooth, that detail was not confirmed in the announcement.

Peacock describes the series as follows:

« Metal twisted – a half -hour live action television series based on the classic playStation games series, is a high -octane action comedy, based on an original Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (_deadpool, the land of the land of The zombies) On an outsider with a motor mouth to which the opportunity for a better life is offered, but only if you can successfully deliver a mysterious package through a post-apocalyptic moor, ”said a synopsis. “With the help of an easy trigger car thief, he will face wild meloders driving destruction vehicles and other open road dangers, including a upset clown that drives an ice cream truck too familiar.”

_ Twisting Metal_ It still has no release date.

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