How to share the code in the Hearthstone chat code

Each player in Hearthstone has a favorite deck, but sometimes friends need details about which deck you are using. Instead of a long and tedious process, Hearthstone simplifies the exchange of columns codes. It is long, so be sure to follow our leadership as accurately as possible.

How to share a deck with friends in Hearthstone

To share the code of your deck, follow the following actions:

Go to my collection *
* Click on the deck that you want to share until she gets access to the column collector.
* Pull the mouse on the picture of the deck

Click copy
Move the mouse pointer to the lower left angle of the screen to access the list of friends .
Click the icon, and then click the icon friend * with whom you would like to share the deck.
* The game will ask you if you are sure that you want to share this deck.
* Click confirm.
* The deck will be divided by the type of the hero and the name of the deck.

Your friend just needs to click on the message that you just sent him to copy the deck. From there they can click new deck in my collection and insert the code code into the invitation that appears. This is a simple way for friends to copy each other’s deck and see what works best.

Blizzard Releases an Over-Engineered Partial Solution to Deck Code Sharing! (Hearthstone)

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