How to improve cards before gold in Hearthstone

The best Hearthstone cards are gold, and not only from the point of view of playfulness, but also look much cooler. Fans of gold cards can improve their ordinary cards to gold versions, and all that is needed for this is a little sorcerer dust.

How to improve ordinary cards to gold in Hearthstone

To do this, first you need to go my collection and get a card that can be updated. Then you can click on the card to access the menu for enchanting and updating. The option on the right will say update Click it, and then click update again to confirm. After a short animation, you will receive a gold version of the card. To return the card to a normal state, just click it with the right mouse button and click cancel and confirm the cancellation.

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As a result, you will be automatically written off or get the cost in Arcane Dust, so you have nothing to worry about. Only sorceress dust will be charged with you, depending on the difference between the basic price and the golden price. This means that you will never overpay whenever you decide to update or cancel the subscription, and you can always repeat or cancel it.

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