Xbox Game Studios: Project Belfry has RPG elements and a social

For the publishing label of the Xbox Game Studios, Stoic Studio works according to several reports of the past few months in an exclusive game that should end up in the Xbox Game Pass.

An official announcement is still pending, but Jez Corden from Windows Central revealed further details about the game previously known as “Project Belfry”.

In April, Belfry was described as “a sidescrolling action game in a comic graphics style, similar to the anime Princess Mononoke”.

In Episode 214 of the Xbox Two Podcast, Corden added further details and said that the game would have a kind of cloud component and server and a kind of multiplayer gameplay.

However, he could not say whether it was a cooperative or competitive mode.

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Project Belfry should also contain a social hub. Corden describes the meeting point with other players similar to the Tower from Destiny.

The developer recently also published a job advertisement in which “MMO or ARPG player experience” was assumed and it shows that the game could contain RPG elements with “prey and reward allocation”.

Project Belfry should be under development since 2019. Theoretically, the revelation could be in June, followed by a publication this year.

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