Mario Kart Tour – How to finish a race by collapsing three times

Tour of Mario Kart We have a very interesting challenge this week, because we have to finish a race by crushing the line three times. You can’t really leave it at random, but you should rather settle perfectly. You will also need a banana to do the work properly.

Mario Kart Tour – How to finish a race three times

Because you will need a banana for this challenge, use the BBIA Parafoil if you have one, because it increases your chances of obtaining a banana. Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong and Morton are also very good drivers, because they also have special banana -related objects.

What you will have to do is choose a course of your choice, then follow it normally. Aims to be in first place, to increase the chances of obtaining a banana from a box of objects. Once you have one, you will have to try to keep it by dodging the attacks of other drivers and avoiding taking other objects.

When you approach the finish line at the end of the first round, cross it on the far left or the far right, as close as possible from the edge, dropping your banana just before the finish line. After that, you have to get around the second round while keeping the first place to be able to cross the finish line by crushing your own banana. This will cause you a crash and you will end up crushing on the finish line. Repeat this three times to conclude the challenge.

Finish a Race by Crashing over the Finish Line a Total of 3 Times EASILY in Mario Kart TOUR
Since you will leave the banana to the far left or to the right of the track, the other pilots should not exceed it, this means that it will wait for you at the end of the second round!

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