Nintendo Switch Sports Review: Light in the content, not in fun

The launch of the Nintendo Wii is probably one of my best memories of the launch of the console. When the system debuted in the autumn of 2006, Nintendo had already been a long time, but it seemed that the company was struggling to be relevant. Given that, I wasn’t sure how the world would react to the Wii’s movement controls. Of course, Deportes Wii quickly helped sell the concept, and the system became the most popular element of the Christmas season that year. Everyone who came to my house had to try it, and was a believer. The beauty of deportes wii lied in its simplicity; Anyone could pick it up and solve it quite quickly. That simplicity continues in Deportes of the Nintendo switch but in reality it is a bit too simple this time.

As its predecessor, Deportes of the Nintendo switch is a compilation focused on several players that offers a handful of activities for players to participate. This time, players can choose between tennis, bowling, chambara, football, volleyball and bádminton. It is a good variety, but the biggest problem with Deportes of the Nintendo switch is that it feels concise. With Deportes Wii, it was easy to ignore it, because it was a package game. However, the MSRP of $ 50 for Deportes of the Nintendo switch makes it a little more difficult to ignore the lack of content.

However, games themselves are good. Bowling and tennis are mostly played as their predecessors, and are probably the easiest to start. They were two of the most prominent aspects in Deportes Wii, and that is still true here. Tennis offers an excellent way to sweat, whether they are playing opponents in the game or another player. The optional obstacle addition in Bowling is also welcome, adding a little more challenge and making it deeper than the deportes wii version. Completing the trio of recurring activities is Chambara, which appeared in _ sports compliance Wii_ as fencing. Chambara was probably my least favorite of the activities included in the package. It is not bad, but I did not seem as fun or attractive as the rest of the activities.

In addition to these three games that return, Deportes of the Nintendo switch has three that are making their debut. Badminton is very similar to tennis, which makes sense since real sports are quite similar. However, the court is significantly smaller and faces only two players, instead of four. The steering wheel also has a lighter sensation. Volleyball is another new sport, and I think it is the most difficult to dominate, but it is worth discovering the different movement control movements.

The latest incorporation is football, and I think it is the highlight of the game. In nintendo_ switch -deportes, play a little like liga de rockets, given the size of the ball and the way the players move through the field. There is also an element of Mario Kart, since players can have the opportunity to recover from a deficit, since the game rewards twice as much points when a golden ball appears. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not give me the opportunity to try Nintendo_ switch online before the review, but I can absolutely see that this finds many followers. In addition to the main soccer game, Deportes of the Nintendo Switch also includes a Shootout mode, where players are shot in a competition to the best of five. The mode is controlled by a Joy-Conte leg belt, which requires players to kick against an open network. Actually, it is quite fun and a very pleasant extra. Given Soccer’s strength, I’m a little surprised that developers have chosen to include shotout, but I’m glad they have done it.

Regarding the presentation, Deportes of the Nintendo switch is mostly strong. The music of the game is catchy and the graphics are good. Some Deportes wii Puristas have complained about the lack of Mii avatars (players can still use a MII if they wish), but I liked new designs quickly. The game also adopts a modern approach to gender selection, with all body type options in a section, instead of grouping into “male” or “female” categories.

Players can unlock additional customization options for their avatar, but this is actually being handled in a slightly unusual way. You can unlock new customization options every week through the game online or through the test mode against opponents of the CPU, for those who are not subscribed to Nintendo Switch online. I would like Nintendo to have included all customization options from the beginning and had allowed to unlock new customization options regardless of whether the player chooses to play online or locally with friends and family. While the current method could give to the most incentive players to continue returning weekly, it also makes the game feel a bit empty. I would have preferred a method similar to Mario Kart 8 of luxury where it seems that there is a constant flow of new customization options that are unlocked when playing.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the HARDEST Game I've EVER Played
While I had my problems with the basic approach and some of the decisions taken by Nintendo, I want to emphasize that the low points of the Nintendo_ switch should not turn to anyone who was an amateur Deportes Wii. Once again, Nintendo has delivered a package of activities that are easy to learn and fun with a room full of people. Playing Deportes of the Nintendo switch_ I really dressed myself to 2006, and I felt great when playing something that made me feel like the Wii did. Games with a lot of movement as deportes wi and _ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ _ . In fact, I hope that the absence of boxing in this package means that _Provable !! _ could receive a similar treatment on Switch. _ Nintendo Switch Deports show that Nintendo still makes multiplayer motion control games better than any other company, but some different decisions would have made a much easier recommendation.

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Qualification: 3.5 of 5

_ Nintendo_ Switch Deports will be launched on April 29 on Nintendo Switch. The editor provided the game for the purposes of this review, and was reviewed in a Nintendo Switch Oled.

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