Mobile costumes we want to see in Gundam Evolution

While the competitive shooter Gundam Evolution already has an impressive list, it does not contain several popular mobile costumes and franchises. Depending on how successful it will become, we will probably see more game suits. In the meantime, here is our list of desires.

mobile costumes that need Gundam Evolution

gundam Wing Zero Ew – wing Gandama

Gundam Wing is a series that has introduced many to Gundam due to the time of execution on toonami. It is quite appropriate that the unofficial leader of the group, Wing Zero, is added.

gundam Heavy Arms Ew – wing of Gandama

Another part of the Gundam Wing, Heavy Arms can play the same way as the bastion in Overwatch and block points with the squall weapons fire.

guundam Deathscythe Hell Ew – Handama Wing

DeathScythe Hell can potentially become a very interesting mobile costume due to its dependence on secrecy and close combat.

Talgiz III – wing of Gandama

Tallgese III would be an excellent station wagon thanks to a rail cannon, a whip and a radiation saber. In addition, his engines make him one of the fastest mobile costumes in the series, which can make him a real horror in the game.

gundam dynames – mobile costume Gundam 00

One sniper is not enough for a game such as Gundam Evolution. Dynames is known for its role in providing fire cover with marginal accuracy.

gundam EZ-8-Gundam mobile costume: 08th command MS

Gundam Evolution All Mobile Suits Abilities and Ultimates (Gundam Overwatch Game F2P Beta )

The leader of the 08th MS team and just a reliable design for a simpler Gundam, EX-8 has inclinations for a classic mobile costume for beginners thanks to their assault rifle, shield and radiation saber.

FA-78 Full Armor Gundam-Gundam Thunderbolt mobile costume

Full Armor Gundam is a walking arsenal. With missiles, radiation rifles and a large number of shields than lightning on the character Final Fantasy, he could very well perform the role of the tank.

Art Gundam – Mobile fighter G Gundam

One of the most popular Gandams, God Gandam is the master of Kung Fu, who has no equal in hand-to-hand combat.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee-Gundam Unicorn mobile costume

At least Banshee has one of the most unique designs in the Gundam universe. Having abandoned traditional blue, red and white in favor of stylish black and gold, Banshee really stands out with its dark aesthetics.

Freedom Gundam – Gundam Seed Mobile costume

Freedom Gundam, another Gundam, very similar to Wing Zero, is perhaps the most cult mobile costume from Gundam Seed and is perfect for presenting its series in Gundam Evolution.

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