Reggie explains why he didnt like Game Boy Micro

Recently the book of life and work of _ reggie Fils-Aimé _ , great entrepreneur who stood out within the video game industry, but who became known mostly for being the president of _ Nintendo _ In the Division of America. In the writing of him, interesting data has been announced, one being the certain displeasure he had with the _ Game Boy Micro _ .

The former president commented that the idea seemed somewhat wasted, being a completely small hardware, with buttons that were difficult to act and a tiny screen that according to, did not distinguish well. Comment that his logic could have, since people’s standard hand usually grows a lot in the stage of adulthood.

Game Boy Micro Announcement - Nintendo E3 2005 Conference (Reggie Fils-Aime)

Here the fragment of the book that indicates this opinion:

From my perspective, the concept of Game Boy Micro did not make much sense. The hardware was small. Not only the control buttons were difficult to manipulate for any adult of reasonable size, but also the screen was small. This went against the current electronics of electronics to make larger screens.

But development had continued and we were forced to launch the system. We should have talked about this a long time ago, I told Don James and Mike Fukuda. We should all have agreed that this product would be a distraction for our market. Working together we could have had a different result.

My point was not to rebuke them, at that time we were colleagues. It was to identify that we were operating in Silos and this made us ineffective in the management of projects from Japan.

The lesson: the leadership of the company needed constant communication about our priorities. As president, my solution was to institute weekly meetings of the executive team to review the key priorities and our progress with them.

It is worth commenting, that the _ Game Boy Micro _ was not a surplus of sales for the company, not because users will not like users, but because for those moments the _ Nintendo ds _ya It was in the market. That makes question if it was really necessary to get it out. So now the unknown arises from whether they had losses through the console.

In related news. _ REGGIE _ He also commented how he managed to launch _ wii sports _ with each _ wii _ , despite the fact that _ miyamoto _ did not want to access the request to the petition. Find here all the information.

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