Nexon prepares for communication with 2022 Maple Live Talk

[jin reporter Park Ye -jin reporter] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) announced on the 2nd that it held ‘2022 Maple Live Talk’ event in the online game ‘Maple Story’.

Ask Rob Anything- Live Q & A (30 APR 2022)

The event, which was held with Seong Seung -heon Caster at Blue Square in Seoul on the 1st, invited 50 people directly to the site in consideration of questions and play tendency associations among users who wish to attend the offline with YouTube live broadcasting.

Kang Won -ki, Director of Planning and Director Kim Chang -seop, continued to answer questions in various categories such as content, growth, boss, story, and convenience, and expressed his willingness to improve the improvement and development direction that compensated for the shortcomings.

In particular, after the monster park ‘Arcana’, the regional update plan, Todd’s hammer improvement plan, the addition of boss difficulty, and the story direction, and the plans to reinforce the guide reinforcement for ‘Merin’, which first starts the Maple Story.

On the day, the emotional duo ‘Melomans’ appeared on the stage, followed by the representative song ‘Gift’, followed by the ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Black Heaven’. He sang the song ‘Promise of Heaven’ and the map background music ‘Mureung’.

In commemoration of the Live Talk, the company selected rewards in real time with on -site users, and to all Maple Story users ‘Lights of extreme growth’ (1), ‘Terra Burning Booster’ (1), and ‘Mannequin’ (1) ), ‘Core Gemstone of Experience’ (1) presented a variety of items that support the rapid development and growth of characters.

The video showing the ‘I G N i T i O N Showcase’ schedule, which will be held on June 11, was also released. The showcase will be held live, and Sung Seung Heon Caster, Kang Won -ki Director, and Kim Chang -seop, Director of Planning, will appear.

Kang Won -ki, general manager, said, “I am very happy to be able to communicate with Maple warriors in a long distance.” said.

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