Kim Byung -kwon and Kwak Jun -hyuk selected as candidates for the Asian Games National University Candidate FIFA Online 4

[Byung Park Ye -jin reporter] Kim Byung -kwon and Kwak Jun -hyuk were selected as candidates for FIFA Online 4 Harbor Asian Games.

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) is Kim Byung -kwon in the final round for the selection of the national team of the EA Sports EA Sports EA Sports Game developed and serviced by the Electronics Arsia Studio (EA) Korea Studio. Kwak Jun -hyuk announced on the 2nd that he was selected as a national candidate through fierce competition.

The finals were offline at the Colosseum e -Sports Stadium from April 29 to May 1. On the third day of the quarter -finals and Group B matches, the final players such as Kim Byung -kwon, Kwak Jun -hyuk, Park Ji -min, and Cha Hyun -woo entered the finals of the quarterfinals, third and fourth place, and the long -awaited finals.

Kim Byung -kwon, who played his own play without taking the lead in the quarter -final match, defeated Park Ji -min and advanced to the finals, and Kwak Jun -hyuk, who had an edge in the game and psychological warfare, could not open the attack. And the final.

In the finals, Kim Byung -kwon, who pursued Kwak Jun -hyuk as a unique tempo, won the game.

Kim Byung -kwon and Kwak Jun -hyuk will be selected as the final national team after approval of the Asian Games Improvement Committee and the President of the Korea e -Sports Association. The manager is played by Shin Bo -seok, who is active in various areas such as FIFA online 4 players, creators, and commentary.

Shin Bo -seok, the national team manager, said, “I was so hard to know how hard it was to come to this stage while preparing for the game sincerely, and I want to tell you to do well in the future.” If you do well, I think you can win. ”

Park Jung -moo, head of Nexon, who participated in the awards ceremony, said, “All the players who were selected as the national candidates and Kwak Jun -hyuk sincerely celebrated and participated in the selection,” he said. “I cheered.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 10 to 25, and information about the national team selection can be found on the official website of ‘FIFA Online 4’.

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