Dying Light 2: All wind turbines

In the wind turbine Guide for Dying Light 2 you can find out:

  • Where you can find all wind turbines
  • How you get the trophy “Don Quijote”
  • How you master the climbing passages

Dying Light 2 throws you in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. The voracious monsters populate every street and the survivors are looking for protection on the roofs. There are huge wind turbines ** on some roofs, which supply the surrounding settlements with electricity. Unfortunately, the wind turbines of the weather fell victim to and out of operation.

Your task is to climb the wind turbines and repair the fuse box . Once this has been successful, you unlock a new base. Which faction takes over the base depends on the faction strength in the respective area.

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Dying Light 2 - Revolution Quest: How to Climb to the Top of Wind Turbine (Windmill)

Dying Light 2: All wind turbines in Old Villedor

  1. wind turbine birch: jumps from one weight to the next. Make sure that the upper weight does not move synchronously with the lower weight. Then jump right onto the lead and then to the opposite side.
  2. wind turbine cherry: The wind turbine is only feasible if you have emptied your stamina sufficiently. Use the weight and then jump to the opposite side. Hang along the inside until you can crawl through a hole and get to the ladder.
  3. wind turbine alder: Catapults on the concrete block with the springboard, drive up and jumps on the opposite side.
  4. Wind wheel pasture: weight and concrete block must not be synchronous. Use the weight to get to the concrete block and jump on the opposite side. Cross the hole and climb the ladder upwards.
  5. wind turbine maple: balanced over the bar and jumps onto the concrete block. Climb the first ladder up, jump onto the second concrete block and from there to the opposite side to get to the ladder.
  6. Widrad Lärche: cannot be missed because you have to climb the wind turbine within a story mission.
  7. wind turbine oak: hang on the weight and jump on the railing behind you. Climb the lead and use the second weight to get to the backup box.

Dying Light 2: All wind turbines in the central ring

  1. wind turbine walnut: uses the lead and then jumps to the swing rod to get to the next lead. Climb the ladder up to find the fuse box.
  2. wind turbine pine: hang on the swing rod and drive up until you get to the next lead. Turn around and jump to the next level. Then take the ladder and come to the fuse box.
  3. wind turbine magnolia: Here are two swing bars that drive from top to bottom. You can take the higher bar to a standstill through a switch. Do this to achieve the higher level.
  4. wind turbine elm: On one of the surrounding roofs you will find a ventilation system. Catapult yourself into the air with the paraglider and sail onto the top of the wind turbine.
  5. wind turbine ash: hang on the weight and turn backwards. Use the lead and get to the higher level. Turn around again and use the weight as a springboard to get to the concrete block.
  6. wind turbine cedar: With the power switches you can move the concrete block. Use the concrete block to get up. There are three swing bars here. Swing down to the ladder in the zigzag.
  7. wind turbine teak: With this wind turbine you have to use weights and ropes to get to the backup box.
  8. wind turbine juniper: The first swing rod brings you to the second bar, which acts as an elevator. Then swing to the next lead that leads you to the ladder.
  9. wind turbine hickory: with the swing rod it goes up to the next lead. Then you balance over a bar and come to the ladder.
  10. wind turbine spruce: Actually you need the climbing hook here. You can unlock the wind turbine earlier by getting the paraglider from one of the surrounding roofs.

What reward do I get to activate all wind turbines?

After you have been silently over the entire map and have mastered all climbing passages, you get the trophy “Don Quijote” . If you want to know how to unlock the remaining trophies, take a look at our Dying Light 2-Trophy Guide.

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