The Final Chief of Serpent Rogue chief

The Serpent Rogue is a unique independent game in which you will have to create potions to make your way around the world. You will get to trust these potions to inflict damage, stay alive and explore the world, which is why the fight against the final chief of Serpent Rogue can be a bit discordant. Here is our guide on how to easily defeat The Serpent Rogue.

Serpent Rogue Final Boss Battle - How To Beat
Once you have crossed the swamp and climb the bridge, you will go to a windmill at the top of the hill. There are fallen guardians on the road that share tips, until you reach the base of the wind mill. Go to the top and talk to the stranger so that corruption takes over the wind mill.

At this point, all your belongings will have gone and you will have nothing more than the snake sword. Using it, defeat corruption and go to the entrance of the wind mill, which is where you will find the drop -down menu to the final boss. [Jump to video]

The tutorial of the final chief of Serpent Rogue

This is not a fight centered largely on combat, you will run and dodge a lot to tear down the final boss. There are 3 “phases” in the fight to win, broken down below:

Phase 1 – Dodgeing AOE

The first phase will make you run constantly to avoid the AOE attacks that the boss throws you. Continue dodging them, remaining mainly in the center until the next phase, which will be moving inward.

Phase 2: Go to the middle

In this phase, the Serpent Rogue will begin with AOE attacks abroad moving inward. Wait in the middle until they approach, then run out until they reach the middle, generating a tentacle. Hit this tentacle to move on to phase 3, but keep in mind that you must kill corruption monsters (1 blow) The repetition in phase 2 (1, 2, then 3.)

Phase 3 – Magic barrier, damage and restart

This is where you get to damage the boss a bit. Once reappearing again after you knocked down his henchmen, move a little towards him. After a few seconds, he begins to hold a block to generate a magical barrier around you to resist the attack.

Once the attack is made, Spears your sword at the weak point of your chest to damage it. Now, you will repeat phases 1 and 2 again. Once you have completed this phase 3 times, the fight will have finished.

Video of the Final Chief of Serpent Rogue

If the previous information is not enough, watch the video below on the entire fight from beginning to end!

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