Maneater: Truth Quest DLC will make your shark bigger, more mean and more hungry

Since Maneater has slipped into the game of the game, we have learned a surprising fact: the whole world has wanted more action Sharkpg. Fortunately, Tripwire Interactive heard our prayers linked to sharks and has just announced something incredible. Maneater: Truth Quest will return to Port Clovis and resume where the original game had stopped, this time with more conspiracy theories, more Apex predators and many more humans to fight. The journalist of investigation Trip Westhaven, former narrator of the television program Maneater in the universe, came across something big, at least he claims. He discovered the real reason why the life of seals dies so strange and terrifying. The story told in the original maneater was only a concealment of the government, but its Viewtube Truth Quest channel will plunge deeply and will discover the real facts. At the very least, it promises to be incredibly entertaining.

Sean McBride, creative director of Tripwire Interactive, said that: _ “We aim to give players more of what they liked from the original maneater, with the possibility of growing, exploring a completely new region offshore of Port Clovis and to develop other destruction tools. Inspired by the accounts of the father of Scaly Pete on the “experiences of Gub’ment”, we resume where we stopped and join Trip Westhaven and the trip of the shark in the burrow of the rabbit of the conspiracy and the military concealment during Whether you eat, explore and evolve in these unexplored waters.. »_

Yes, you read that right: the American army is now after a Taurus shark – although to be honest, we are not sure that it really has more like a Taurus shark. After all the mutagens she swallowed up, she fundamentally became the shark equivalent of a super soldier. It’s good.

The main characteristics will include:

_ New evolution set _

  • Limite maximum level increased to 40
  • Cinq new organ developments with an additional location of organ unlocked at level 40
  • Augmentation of the maximum size of sharks

_ New fauna _

Maneater Truth Quest : Подводный монстр вернулся прохождение 1 Часть от slam-jem play

  • _Neveau apex predator “uber” _
  • Nevelles evolved hunting creatures

_ New military forces for the Bounty Hunter _ system

  • The military land forces will launch attacks from the beaches and the fortifications
  • The helicopters will hunt by plane
  • Cinq New boss of bonuses
  • Nelles arms and vehicles for military premium hunters

_ New types of objectives _

  • _ DEFULT OF COMMUNICATION: TAUR WOULD OBJECTS to destroy the target objective_
  • Contre the watch: swim through the rings before the end of time

Maneater: Truth Quest DLC will require the basic game, maneater, play. It will be available for $ 14.99 / € 14.99 / £ 12.99.

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