Where to find fragments of crystals in Rune Factory 5

Crystalline fragments are collecting items that you can find in Rune Factory 5. These fragments can be used to create many different types of equipment. But how many fragments can you find? And how do you get them?

Fortunately, almost all crystal fragments can be found in the form of a random fall from different enemies you will encounter. Some of them can even be found in certain areas of the game, if you look for hard enough.

  • Pirate armor
    • Falls from the Supreme Pirate Orc
  • A piece of hammer
    • Falls out of the troll-killer
  • A fragment of armor
    • Falls out of Yoproimanmo
  • Arrow
    • Falls from an orc orca
    • Found in the forests of Foros.
  • Shard of the blade
    • Mined from a ribbit hunter
    • Located in the ruins of Belphi.
  • Broken hilt
    • Falls out of a box with monsters

* Black shoulder
* Falls from a dark orc

  • Rusty iron
    • Fall from the ghost
  • A brilliant blade
    • Fall from the hellish ghost
  • Broken box
    • Falls out of the monster drawer
  • Kyuubi bell
    • Falls out of a nine -tailed fox
  • MTSU plate
    • Falls from the needle beast

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