Where to find a lightning horn in Rune Factory 5

Exploring the world of RUNE FACTORY 5, you will often select materials and ingredients to create better gear. It helps to develop your farm and, in turn, slightly brings you to the completion of the main plot. However, some elements such as Thunder horn may be a little more difficult to dig.

To find Thunder horn ingredient, you will need to win Lightning goblins . This is a type of monster, which can be found on the first and second floors Thunder puffs area. You will be asked to visit this region when communicating in Libya in its office.

Speaking with Libya, you will receive the following quest, which will lead you to Square of the Great Tree . From there, go to the northeast by Foros Woodlands until you reach the thunderwick.

As soon as you acquire enough lightning horns, you will have the opportunity to create one of several items. Provided that you have other essentials, you can make one of the following:

  • Gray sword
  • Blade Good luck

* Katsbalaler
* Consca
* Ax Demon
* Double blades
* Earth fists
* Ship staff
* Buy

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