Project Q: the new multi game of Ubisoft is revealed, first info

It’s been a moment that we hear about a certain project q on Ubisoft’s side. The rumor has grown last week with the leak of a gameplay video, leaving little doubts about the existence of the title.

Ubisoft has decided to do not let things since this weekend, the publisher, of which we have been talking a lot since on Friday because of the interest of certain investment funds, decided of Formalize all of this and to reveal the first information about the game.

Enter the arena

First, Project Q is not the final name of the game, whose development has recently begun. After the failure of Hyper Scape, we wondered how Ubisoft was going to guide its competitive multiplayer strategy, for the moment brought by Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Brawllala.

With Project Q, the publisher chose detach from the Royal Battle to move towards a game Multiplayer in team and arena . The tests will continue in the coming months, and interested players can already register. It is learned that the title will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series at an unknown date, and that different game modes will be available. However, we do not know what will be the economic model of the game.

A single keyword: Fun

Recent leaks announced at least two. The first, Showdown, propose confrontation with 4 teams of two players , while the second, Battlezone, would distribute the players in two teams of 4 with the objective of score 100 points. In his tweet, Ubisoft also presks that the motto will be “Fun” , accompanying the whole of a first artwork that recalls the casual character of titles such as Knockout City, Fortnite and Overwatch.

NFT in Project Q? Ubisoft responds

Leaks also evoke customizable characters, weapons and varied skills , but Ubisoft has not been more effected on this subject than on that of the game modes. On the other hand, from the ad, many players. Asked the question of the presence of NFTs, that Ubisoft added to its activities via the Quartz platform. To cut short to any rumor, The editor specifies that Project Q will not enter NFT.

We have not planned to add NFT to this game, you can find out more by registering and participating in the next tests!

As a reminder, the first NFT sold on the Quartz platform only concerned Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We do not know the identity of the next projects that will follow this path.


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